Fall 2014 Second Half Semester Orientation & Registration at Georgia Perimeter College


PLEASE NOTE:   Students admitted for Fall 2014 and who are “orientation ready”, and have completed online orientation  may register for Fall Semester second-half classes until September 30th.  Second half class offerings may be found at www.gpc.edu/secondhalf .

All new students may go ahead and complete Orientation Part 1 at any time! 24/7/365. The button to begin Orientation Part 1 is at the bottom of this page... but please read the instructions first! 

Before you begin:  are you "Orientation Ready"?

"Orientation ready" means that:

  • You have an active application and have been fully admitted to the college,
  • Your GPC user ID and email account have been established,
  • All of your placement/testing information is complete.


You must verify your "orientation ready" status at www.gpc.edu/mystatus  to ensure your GPC email account has been established.  If so, you should go to http://admissions.gpc.edu/next for help getting your GPC user id and password set up (you will need them to continue with orientation). Also, GPC’s technology service desk is available at 678-891-3460 or by e-mailing servicedesk@gpc.edu  during normal business hours. Visit http://depts.gpc.edu/servicedesk/  to view hours and services.

If you are not "orientation ready", the system will not allow you to begin orientation programming.

Do I have to participate in New Student Orientation?

You are NOT required to participate if you are transient student (currently registered at another institution, but with permission to take courses at GPC) special student (earned bachelor’s degree and non-degree seeking), or a senior citizen student (in GPC’s Prime Timer Program). These students, however, may take part in orientation if they so wish.

All other new, former, transfer, and online only students are required to participate. Transfer students with more than 30 GPC accepted credit hours are required to participate in online orientation but may opt-out of on-campus orientation part 2.

Failure to complete new student orientation will prohibit you from registering for classes.

Do I have to pay a New Student Orientation Fee?

There is a $ 15.00 fee for Orientation programming. You will be given an online payment option once you login to new student orientation. This fee must be paid before orientation programming begins. The $ 15.00 orientation fee may be paid online with a debit or credit card or in person at a GPC student accounts office with cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card during normal business hours.

Please note:

GPCS 1010 (First Year Seminar) is a new course at GPC – consider registering for this three (3) hour credit course that introduces you to GPC college life, provides information on expectations of college students and strategies for college success, and builds information literacy through investigation of a specific theme. Visit www.gpc.edu/fyee  for more information.


Let's Get Started!



PART 2 OF ORIENTATION - FOR STUDENTS BEGINNING CLASSES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FALL SEMESTER, SECOND HALF - it will be necessary to come on campus and meet with an Advising and Counseling staff member.  Please visit advising.gpc.edu for ACRS office hours and locations.  Students registering for ONLINE ONLY classes may request online advisement at www.gpc.edu/online/content/advisement-request-form. 

PART 2 OF ORIENTATION - FOR STUDENTS BEGINNING CLASSES IN SPRING 2015  - Orientation part 2 (on campus advisement and registration) sessions for Spring 2015 will be available for sign-up soon!